Use All the Space!

There is a lot of wasted space in a house that you may not even realizes exists. As the world fills up more and more with people we need to make use of what little area we can stake out for ourselves.
The fireplace mantle is surprisingly vacant in a lot of houses. If you are lucky enough to live someplace where fireplaces are common you have a shelf built into the wall. If you have a small or recessed fireplace without fireplace accessories then you can still use that wall space. I wouldn’t store your collection of antique kerosene above a fire but you should be fine hanging a picture on the wall about a foot above the edge of the actual fireplace. If you use metal shelves you could even add your own fireplace mantle by installing the shelf where the mantle should be.
Speaking of shelves, you should fill your walls with shelving. Sometimes it’s hard to find shelving units that fit into your space perfectly so you should but wall mounted shelves and install them yourself so you can custom design your space. This also lets you choose more unique shelves that fit your style and match the other furniture. If you are really handy you could even try to make your own shelves. I love the look of reclaimed wood or repurposed pieces from old furniture. I have used old, well-made drawers as shelving. All you need to do is find the studs in your walls and use a screw gut to attach the drawer sideways so it becomes a shelf. Very artsy and unique design elements like these are sure to start conversations and leave an impression. (more…)