More Advanced, More Effective, and Much Safer Method for Soil Gas Sampling

It is the right time to consider installing soil gas probes for sub-slab gas sampling process. That’s a crucial thing to consider because sub-slab gas sampling is going to be routine as required by safety regulation. Having the probe installed will help the sampling process faster and more efficient while also preventing possible risks during the sampling and testing process.

Sub-slab gas sampling is integral part of vapor intrusion investigation. This investigation is designed to record and analyze the types and amount of vapor released from the soil. It is based on the fact that almost all area in this country contains sub-slab gases that can be release into the air through intrusion. When those gases accumulated inside the house, it significantly lowers the air quality circulating inside the home and can cause intoxication problems including serious health problems in the long term. Sub-slab gases are mostly no color and no odor and that what makes them more dangerous. The best and most effective preventive approach is routine testing for sub-slab soil gas contamination. But for those who already done this type of testing really know how complicated this testing can be and not to mention those hassles. It may involves drilling the ground inside the house especially basement and several areas surrounding the house. This method is highly time consuming and can be really expensive. But the worst is it comes with risk of gas leak.

We are looking for better method of sub-slab soil gas testing and luckily with the advancement of technology, the answer is already available. Advanced soil gas probe is designed for faster and more efficient way to collect gas sampling. The probe is designed to be easy to install and easy to use. The advanced design of the probe makes sampling process much easier and even with higher precision result. Safety is also the biggest concern when this probe was designed. It comes with safety features to minimize potential leak during the sampling process or when the probe isn’t used. It also means the probe can be used for multiple sampling process. There’s no more need to drill a new hole each time sampling is needed.